Most of us don’t spend much time meditating on what incredible things the mind and body are until we lose our balance and find ourselves struggling with pain or an illness.

Physical pain is just one example. When all is well, we often overlook how good we actually feel in our bodies. We don’t think, “Wow, it’s great how my knee doesn’t hurt, it just does what I want when I want it to!” Mostly we just ignore our bodies until something is wrong.

When something does go wrong, we struggle under the weight of the pain, and want so desperately to feel well again. This is a moment when we feel burdened and abandoned. Many of us feel that it is unfair that we don’t feel well and want to go back to the way things were before we felt sick. But if we take a step back, this is the perfect moment to ask ourselves some important questions: why am I in pain; what does it mean to live pain-free, and to feel healthy? If we are mindful on our path to healing, these questions launch us into an incredible journey of self-discovery.

We are a body, but we are also a mind and a spirit. And it is my belief that to heal truly, we must unify the needs of the body with the needs of the mind and the spirit. The goal of my work is to assist you in your own journey back to balance and well-being.

Welcome to your journey.