Treatments – What to Expect

During a session

Sessions are typically 60 minutes long and consist of a blend of various techniques. All the therapies I practice are very gentle and most clients can’t tell when I switch from one technique to another as the techniques blend together seamlessly.

Clients remain fully dressed in loose clothing and lay face up on a massage table. I begin each session by evaluating a person’s posture, then I check the rhythm of the nervous system and the pliability of the connective tissue throughout the body to ascertain where the problem spots or adhesions might be. These are areas where the connective tissue in the body is adhered or stuck in some way and therefore constricts the free flow of the muscles and nerves. Once these restrictions have been identified, I get to work.

Read my section on connective tissue to learn more.

After the session

Immediately after a session most clients feel very relaxed. I find that most of the changes and benefits from the session are felt a day or two after the session. The body needs a couple of days to integrate the changes and adjust the bones and tissue as needed. Some people report feeling a bit sore the day after a session because of these adjustments in the bones and muscles, but usually after about 24 hours the achiness dissipates and they feel much better.

How many sessions are needed?

It’s hard to say how many sessions someone will need. I have had some people who feel 100% better after one session, and others take many more than that. On average people need 3-8 sessions for a reduction or resolution of their symptoms.

I have no desire to waste a persons money and time so if after 3 sessions, we are not seeing progress, I will discuss this with the client and we will decide if it is worthwhile to continue with the therapy.


I don’t publish my rates here. Please e-mail me if you would like to know my current rates.


I don’t accept insurance.