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5 star rating


I had some previous knowledge of CranioSacral Therapy before I saw Tatiana for the first time. I have to say she is the most gentle, professional, caring, knowledgeable therapist I have had the pleasure to receive treatment from. She can feel the tensions deep with in the central nervous system and other areas of your body through the lightest of touch, and she addresses those areas so your body can release those tensions and return to a healthier state.

I have been to her for a number of issues. Back, neck, abdominal, and hip to say the least. She has had such a healing effect on all the areas she works on and more. Her caring nature is like a breath of fresh air that truly aids in your over all health. If I didn’t know any better I would say she performs miracles.

Thank you.

Rachel L., NY, NY
5 star rating


I had no idea what to expect when going in for CranioSacral Therapy. I only knew I had tried everything else to help reduce my migraines. Tatiana made me feel comfortable right away. She really listened to me, asked important follow-up questions and made sure to explain what she was doing as she was working on my body. And, best of all, it worked! My migraines have decreased significantly.

Another time I woke up with a severely stiff neck, shoulder and upper body on one side (I couldn’t move my left side at all). Fortunately, Tatiana had an opening that day, and I was able to see her. It was magical. She massaged my upper body back to life.

One of Tatiana’s best qualities is her honesty. If there is something she cannot help you with, she will point you in the right direction. Her only goal is to make you feel better. Amazing that this even has to be pointed out, but we all know that people who really listen and are open/ honest are difficult to find these days.

I strongly and highly recommend Tatiana – it is always worth an initial visit to see if she can help you out. And, most likely, she will be able to!

Sheila A., Brooklyn, NY
5 star rating


I first learned about CranioSacral Manipulation from Tatiana 6 years ago when we were both taking an Italian class. I didn’t pay much attention to it and forgot about it entirely after the class ended. A couple of years later, I had a problem with pain at the back of my neck that wouldn’t go away and I remembered Tatiana and called her for an appointment. After my very first session, the pain was gone!! I couldn’t believe it. Tatiana has also helped me enormously with sinus problems due to my many allergies. She truly does have magical hands. I highly recommend her.

Jana S., NY, NY
5 star rating


Tatiana is a truly gifted therapist! She is knowledgable, talented and a joy to be around. I had been searching for a gifted CranioSacral Therapist for literally years and I am so grateful I found her and her practice.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of receiving CranioSacral Therapy from Tatiana as well as Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Her depth of understanding of the human body and her fields of practice is impressive.

I have had positive effects from each session I’ve had with Tatiana. She helped heal me through a health care challenge, and now I am happy to see her for monthly tune ups — which I call splurges. It is comforting to know I can see her whenever I may have a need or a desire.

I highly recommend Tatiana. She has wonderful hands and a beautiful spirit. Having a session with her is an investment in your well-being — I’m sure you will be pleased!

Carol S., NY, NY
5 star rating


I have had CranioSacral before but with very limited results. Going to Tatiana at http://www.unifiedspir… has changed my life.

If you get one massage this year, it should be a CranioSacral massage from Tatiana. I had issues that I thought were integral to me and would never change. I was wrong. There were discernible results after one session and dramatic change after only a handful of sessions. I never expected such results. There is an expression “see all the mountains in the world, and then see the mountains of Alaska.” Well when it comes to your health, don’t see all the other therapists. Start with the best.

James L., NY, NY