Testimonials on Autoimmune Disorders

Tatiana approaches her practice with the deepest compassion and respect for her clients. From the very first session I knew I was in capable hands. She possesses a rare gift – both subtle and powerful – to heal and coax forth our truest selves. Our work together was nothing less than profound and transformative.”

Allyn R., New York City, NY

My first session with T was in February of 2005. Now I see her monthly. She has had a lot to work on with me. I’ve had MS since 1998. Because of this chronic condition I have trouble with stamina and balance. About 6 years ago, I developed a neuropathy in my feet, a nagging sensation that alternated between painful tingling and numbness. Through her perceptive touch and tireless mind, the neuropathy has disappeared and I have regained complete and normal sensation in my feet (much to the surprise of my Neurologist). She has saved me from a condition that according to Western medicine is considered virtually incurable.

Tatiana has made me a believer in CranioSacral Therapy, and I’m a cynical New Yorker. She is my partner in conquering the frailties of my body. She uses all her skills, advocacy, knowledge, talent and highly developed senses in our quest for my health and vitality. She is able to sense the unspoken through her gentle touch and through her heart and mind.

She is aware of so much through her investigative approach. She senses things and asks questions. Because she creates such a safe and caring environment I find myself at ease and I have said things to her in sessions that I had never heard myself say out loud because they come from a place so deep inside that I can’t imagine sharing them with anyone. T doesn’t just treat the body, she treats the heart and the soul.

I would only give her number to you if I love you. She’s too special to squander.

Liz E., New York City, NY