Testimonials on Chronic Pain & Injuries

Tatiana approaches her practice with the deepest compassion and respect for her clients. From the very first session I knew I was in capable hands. She possesses a rare gift – both subtle and powerful – to heal and coax forth our truest selves. Our work together was nothing less than profound and transformative.”

Allyn R., New York City, NY

I’m not a writer. These are just words from the heart! So here goes.

I was having some health issues and in general wanted to feel more at peace in my body. I have a friend who loves craniosacral therapy but she is in California so I couldn’t ask her for the name of a practitioner. I decided to google it. I wasn’t sure if I could trust what I found but when I came to Tatiana’s website I had a really good feeling about her so I gave her a call. The treatments I got from her far exceeded my expectations. Not only have I come to love craniosacral therapy, as my body responds very well to it. I have also come to realize that Tatiana is very gifted healer. Now any time I need to strengthen my immune system or need to just relax and get rid of unnecessary stress I know who to call! I’m so thankful! I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in healing or even just feeling more healthy.

Sarah K., New York, NY

I selected Tatiana from the Upledger Institute website www.upledger.com because I wanted a competent therapist to treat the debilitating foot cramps that I was experiencing. I found much more. There are no words in this world that could be good enough to describe Tatiana. Her special approach is full of love for humanity; she cares deeply about your progress as a compassionate professional as well. During each session she makes you feel you are safe when she accompanies you on your journey to improvement. Her presence touched my heart and soul. I feel great after a series of sessions with her and I must confess I miss our meetings and sometimes I just come for a “tune up” and her inspired company. I can say from experience she will make a dramatic impact on your life even if you do not expect it.

Anyone whose path crosses with Tatiana can consider themselves really lucky – what an extraordinary person she is!

L.M. Stamford, Connecticut

I met Tatiana through a friend several years ago at a guided meditation circle when I was in the process of trying to find a healthy way to relieve stress. I immediately felt a spiritual connection with her and a very positive, healing energy eminated from her.

I originally went to her for knee pains I had endured after orthroscopic knee surgery. Upon leaving the first session I couldn’t stop grinning. My soul felt lighter than it had in years, and I could truly see the people around me without feeling annoyed or encroached upon. Physically my posture was better/more balanced and I felt no soreness or pain. I have also went to Tatiana for seasonal rhinitis symptoms, such as sinus headaches and infections, and for treatment following a car accident I was in. I have concurrently went to physical therapy, but that merely touches the physical aspect of healing – Tatiana encompasses the full spectrum.

In addition to cranial sacral work I have gone to Tatiana individually and with my spouse for spiritual work. We were going through a difficult time in our marriage, and she helped us to see through the strife and reconnect on a spiritual plane, while addressing our own needs to explore and grow. She provided me with some useful meditation visualization tools, and helped to massage my soul when I was going through a very painful time.

Most recently, following the trauma of my car accident, I have had some deep seeded issues from my past resurface and was feeling post traumatic stress/depression. The energy work sessions we’ve had together have run the emotional gammet – causing me to revisit experiences from my past that I hadn’t consciously thought of in years – not just from my own perspective, but from that of my close family members. This has allowed me to see things from a whole new mindset and I’ve found that it has allowed me to start to put some things to rest. She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint things that get right to the heart of the matter.

Tatiana is a hybrid healer!

Love Vieira, Queens, NY