Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) activates the fluid circulation in the body and stimulates the functioning of the immune system since most of the cells that make up the immune system reside in the lymph nodes. Because many of the vessels of the lymph system are located in the skin it can be stimulated and treated by tugging lightly on the skin in very specific directions.

The lymphatic system is not well-understood, but when it gets sluggish, it can result in sinus headaches, reduced immunity, edemas such as swelling in arms and legs, lymph nodes, etc. I have also found this an extremely helpful technique to help decongest the membranes in the head, which in turn helps the brain clean itself more effectively, and a clean brain is a healthier brain.

Lymphatic Drainage is particularly helpful for clients with sinus headaches, congestion and sinus infections. I have also seen it work wonders for people suffering with post-concussion syndrome. Since the therapy is pretty simple, I often teach my clients how to do it on themselves so they can prevent future onset of symptoms.

For a more detailed account of the lymphatic system and a list of other conditions that Lymph Drainage can help, see the Lymphatic Drainage FAQ section.