Testimonials on Pregnancy & Children

Tatiana approaches her practice with the deepest compassion and respect for her clients. From the very first session I knew I was in capable hands. She possesses a rare gift – both subtle and powerful – to heal and coax forth our truest selves. Our work together was nothing less than profound and transformative.”

Allyn R., New York City, NY

With a heart as strong as her hands, Tatiana made my very difficult pregnancy infinitely better. She is a gifted caretaker of one’s body, mind and spirit – an angel amongst your bodies devils!

Susan Gerdeman SMG Creative Development, LLC

All three of us, my dear husband, my dear 7 months old baby and “my dear I”, see Tatiana regularly.

After giving birth I had pain in my hip and it was getting progressively worse. I could barely walk. I was not sure whether CranioSacral therapy would be beneficial in my condition or not. My husband made an appointment for me with Tatiana and I decided to give it a try. A week later it suddenly hit me: my pain was completely gone. I did not even remember how it happened but I recovered completely after just one session with Tatiana!

Later I saw Tatiana for my back pain from lifting my baby and she helped me again. She worked on my emotional and spiritual problems as well and it was a great relief for me.

When I noticed that my 3 weeks old baby boy was holding his left arm next to his head all the time and was unwilling to turn his head to the left, I decided to show him to Tatiana. She worked very gently with him for some 10-15 minutes and now my baby is completely fine. Later, when he was about 6 months old, I had to take him to Tatiana again because I suspected that he had headaches at night (our pediatrician could not detect anything). After seeing Tatiana, my baby started to sleep much better and he became calm and joyful. I continue bringing him to Tatiana regularly because I see that he feels very happy after her gentle, noninvasive CranioSacral sessions and his happiness is precious to me.

If I had to say one thing about Tatiana, it would be the following: No BS practitioner. Nowadays there are too many practitioners who are just educated smooth-talkers but have no idea how to heal. Tatiana is not one of them: she is for real and she will never waste your time or your money.

I am grateful to my husband that he introduced me to Tatiana. She is such a great help to me and my baby during this vulnerable time for all my family.

Tatiana, you are very dear to all of us!

Ilona Nikita Y. , NYC